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A journey a thousand years before ‘Game of Thrones’ to meet Princess Nymeria: the second ‘spin-off’ takes a step forward

It may be a little early to think of anything other than how wonderful it will be to return to Westeros at the hands of the House of the Dragon , but another potential Game of Thrones spin-off  HBO was working on has taken a step forward. It is initially titled 10,000 Ships , one of three new projects that the chain announced to put in the early stages of development last March, which already has the one who will be its main screenwriter.

As Deadline has learned, but HBO hasn’t officially confirmed, the person in charge of developing the prequel series to the unforgettable story that drove half the world crazy between 2011 and 2019 will be Amanda Segel , one of the also popular screenwriters and executive producer. in his day Person of interest . With other well-known titles in his career, such as The Good Wife , Segel will get to work on what promises to be the most ambitious project of his career. Or, at least, one of those destined to cause more sensation if, finally, it convinces HBO and moves on to the production phase.

About 10,000 ships not much is known, but nothing more and nothing less than a thousand years in the past will travel regarding the events narrated in Game of Thrones and which will introduce us to Princess Nymeria , one of House Martello’s ancestors.

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As the character in the mythology of the universe created by  George RR Martin for his Song of Ice and Fire is described , Nymeria was a warrior princess of the Rhoynar race who lived in Essos, the continent where other cities are also located. better, like Braavos, Qarth and the many places we discovered with Daenerys ( Emilia Clarke ). After losing a war she did not want to take part in, Nymeria gathered as many people and means of survival as possible and filled 10,000 ships that set sail for a new home in which to escape from slavery.After various destinations and losses in their adventure, the princess and those who remained by her side ended up arriving in Dorne, Westeros, which would become her final home as she became a legend in the place.

The 10,000 Ships prequel series is one of the last three projects HBO recently announced to expand the Game of Thrones universe , but none of them are guaranteed to become a series. So far, only The House of the Dragon has made it , filming of which is already underway for its premiere in 2022 and which will be set 300 years before the original series to narrate the civil war of the Targaryens known as the Dance of the Dragons.

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