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A new ending for “Game of Thrones”: George RR Martin regrets that the series anticipated the books

In just two weeks it will be 10 years from the publication of Dance of Dragons , the fifth book of the literary saga A Song of Ice and Fire of which Game of Thrones is an adaptation. Since then, loyal fans of  George RR Martin’s work have waited patiently for Winds of Winter , the sixth and penultimate novel, and some of them even preferred not to get on with the HBO series when it hit the pace of the books. . Now, more than two years after the successful fiction ended, Jon Snow is still dead on paper, Daenerys far from Westeros and Lady Stoneheart walking through the forests of Westeros thirsty for revenge.

Meanwhile, George RR Martin has yet to publish the sixth novel in the saga, but he acknowledged once again in a recent interview with PBS that he wishes the HBO series had never caught up with him and that, in fact, he never thought it could. happen when he began his journey in 2011. According to the writer, one of the most famous authors of science fiction and fantasy, writing each of the novels in the saga takes a long time and the dizzying pace of the narrative took him by surprise.

Looking back, I wish I had been ahead with the books. My big problem was that when the series started, I had already published four books and the fifth came out right in conjunction with the first in 2011. I had five books for sale.

“But these are giant books, you know. I never thought they would catch up with me, but it happened, ”he continues. “They caught up with me and overtook me”.

Many will remember when it happened. He didn’t go from one season to the next, but gradually. At one point, some storylines got too close to the books, and by the time we found out, Game of Thrones was exploring entirely new material in each of its seasons. Meanwhile, readers were keeping an eye on Martin’s progress, hoping Winter Winds would see the light as soon as possible.

It is true that there is no going back, but at least we know that a new ending for Game of Thrones is possible. Although  David Benioff and  DB Weiss had some scoop revelations from Martin and introduced them to the series, the author made sure their literary saga had its ending. Good news, no doubt, for all those who were not satisfied with the outcome that the ‘showrunner’ gave to the fiction, thus closing the plot of Daenerys ( Emilia Clarke ) and placing Bran on the Iron Throne.

Meanwhile, the Game of Thrones legacy is still very much alive on HBO, with several potential ‘spin-offs’ underway and a prequel, already being filmed for its premiere in 2022.