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How to make Celtic knot bracelets?

The Celtic knot is a simplification of all this common graphic imagery in both cultures. If you like Viking art and want to incorporate it into your personal style, you can make your own Celtic knot bracelets in different versions. They are easy to make, a lot of fun and very trendy.

And if craftsmanship is not your thing but you would like to flaunt the Viking aesthetic on your wrists or simply want another type of Nordic style bracelets, do not hesitate to visit the Viking bracelets section in our online shop.

What materials will you need to make Celtic symbol bracelets ?

These are the materials needed to make your bracelets, as you will see they are very easy to obtain and at very affordable prices. Make sure you have all the ones you need before you start making your favorite bracelet.

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  • 3 mm diameter ropes of different colors
  • 6 mm diameter ropes of different colors
  • Leather or hide rope of different diameters
  • Scissors
  • Jewelery finishes and closures
  • Round nose pliers
  • Lighters for burning the ends of the strings
  • Sewing pins
  • Cork base or sheet

How to make a Celtic knot step by step for bracelets?

In these tutorials you will discover different designs of Celtic knot bracelets that are easy to make and with impressive results.


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