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Nudes in ‘Game of Thrones’ impacted Nathalie Emmanuel’s career, according to actress

It’s been two years since Game of Thrones greeted viewers forever with its eighth season, but Nathalie Emmanuel , unforgettable for playing the adorable and faithful Missandei since the third installment of the series, has ensured even today that her career continues to suffer from some of the scenes he shot for HBO fiction. In the statements for the ‘Make It Reign’ podcast, the former  Misfits also explained that the nudes she starred in Missandei’s skin generated preconceptions but completely wrong in some producers. 

According to Emmanuel, the intimate scenes in which his character starred as part of his romantic relationship with Gray Worm ( Jacob Anderson ) were perceived by the production teams of other projects as completely comfortable with nudes, when, in fact, Nothing is further from reality. The performer felt comfortable with that kind of scene in Game of Thrones , yes, but that comfort doesn’t translate into being, by default, in other series or movies that require it.

When I did ‘Game of Thrones’, I agreed on some nudes for the series … And the perception of other projects, when the role was about nudes, was that I would be willing to do anything because I did. in that series

“What people didn’t realize is that I only accepted specific conditions and things for that particular project,” explains Emmanuel. “And that doesn’t necessarily have to apply to all projects.”

As you will remember if you were one of the millions of loyal viewers Game of Thrones had around the world, Missandei was introduced in the third season of the series as one of the slaves freed by Daenerys Targaryen ( Emilia Clarke ) and was chosen by herself Mother of the Draghi as her faithful advisor and helper thanks to her ability to speak multiple languages. Over the seasons, Missandei would develop a close relationship with Gray Worm, which would become a love story welcomed with open arms by fans.

While Game of Thrones has never had special modesty when it comes to dealing with the sexuality of its characters, the truth is that, throughout its eight seasons of the story, it has been the subject of controversy on several occasions. Both for the inclusion in the plots of scenes of sexual violence against women completely useless for the final result, and for the superfluous nudes like those starring Daenerys in the first season and some scenes of Littlefinger’s brothel, for example.

In any case, and Emilia Clarke also clarified in advance, the intimate and nude scenes that each performer agrees with a project are signed under specific conditions and, in no way, can be extrapolated to another project.