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Sean Bean’s indifferent reaction after asking to be told the end of “Game of Thrones”

It has rained a lot, too much, since then, but while Ned Stark was Game of Thrones’ first big death and the one that made us realize that no one was safe on the HBO series, for  Sean Bean his step into fiction was not. it was nothing particularly noteworthy. Completely detached from his character, no matter how leader of the House of Stark or Hand of the King, also actor of The Lord of the Rings and had confessed a long time ago that he had not followed the series, thus demonstrating his little curiosity to know what it would be like. the life of his wife and fictitious children continued.

Although his character died in episode 9, ‘Baelor’, of the first season (released 10 years ago, in 2011) and Bean repeated his lack of connection with the series several times, the performer continues to receive related questions. in its passage to make it one of the most iconic series in the history of television . The last of these occurred during a chat with The Times , when asked about the controversial ending of Game of Thrones , as well as his opinion on the parallels between the decision on the independence of Winterfell with Sansa Brexit.

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Again, Bean made it clear that he had stopped watching the series after his character was publicly beheaded and that he didn’t know how the series ended but, this time, he was interested in the reporter telling him like  David Benioff and  DB Weiss. they had put the finishing touches on the story: ‘What happened?’ he asked. And, given the reporter’s doubts about not ruining the experience if he decides to see it again in the future, he insisted: “I’ll have forgotten by then. Come on”.

Bean’s reaction to learning that Bran Stark ( Isaac Hempstead-Wright ) has become King of the Seven Kingdoms and that Sansa ( Sophie Turner ) has taken on the role of Queen of the North draws attention to the actor’s lack of surprise. :

So did Winterfell keep separating? Good for them

And a little more. At least, unlike many fans who were disappointed to see Bran occupy the Throne – not the Game of Thrones, which had been destroyed by Drogon – Sean Bean was satisfied. After all, after several seasons subjected to the worst betrayals, deaths and torture, the Starks have not ended so badly.

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Meanwhile, after moving to Game of Thrones , Sean Bean has not stopped working for the small screen, being part of the cast of numerous series. The last of them, Time , a portrait of life in prison that already has three seasons.