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The Netflix series you have to see if you love the warriors of “Vikings”

Among the intense battles and iconic characters of “Vikings”, there are also the warriors who have endured almost the entire plot of the historical drama in the main cast.

Meet another Netflix series , which also tells the story of strong protagonists. 

This is “Strange Empire”, a one-season plot that tells an Old West story about the perspective of three women fighting to survive.

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The plot takes place in times of colonization, on the Canadian border with the United States in 1869, where a caravan of women crosses dangerous territories en route to Janestown.

During the journey, some of them are forcibly taken to replace local prostitutes who have died from a cholera epidemic. Others try to survive in their own way in a male-dominated society.

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Yet they all try to build their lives and that of their families in a lawless territory.

Watch the trailer: