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The series that is only a few points behind Vikings is available on Netflix.

It’s not easy to beat “ Vikings , the six-season storyline that has won over fans around the world. However, a Netflix series is a few points behind the Nordic drama and can be a good request for fans of the genre.

With 8.3 on IMDb, “ The Last Kingdom ” ranks close to 8.6 for History Channel output. The storyline set in the year 872, features the Viking invasions in Wessex, which is now known as England.

The 9 worlds of Norse mythology

Under the command of King Alfred the Great, the kingdom resists attack, but also suffers losses. In that scenario we meet the young Uhtred , a noble whose parents died in one of the attacks of the Vikings and ended up kidnapped by the Norsemen, created to be a warrior.


In addition to the story of Uhtred, who aims to conquer the lands where he was born, it is possible to immerse yourself in the political and religious problems faced by King Alfredo to unify the kingdoms and make it the current England.

Watch the trailer:

The Viking attack on Lindisfarne