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Vikings: 8 movies getting into the civilization of the hit series Vikings: 8 movies going deep into the civilization of the hit series

Surely you know Vikings , one of the most successful series that has enjoyed the fans around the world and on our website to e have put together a list of eight films based on the Viking civilization.


1. Vikings

The film focuses on the struggle of Vladimir of Novgorod, a 10th-century Viking prince who is forced into exile by his half-brother Yaropolk, who has already killed one of his other brothers over a dispute over his father’s throne. 

2. Outlander

Outlander explores what would happen if Kainan, a man from another world, lived in Norway during the reign of the Vikings. But Kainan is not alone: ​​he has brought a predator named Moorwen. Sworn as a soldier to kill his enemy, he uses advanced technology to defeat the Vikings.


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3. How to train your dragon

The story that already has three films centers on a young Viking, Hiccup, who manages to train one of the most dangerous dragons, to be his friend and companion in the fight against attacks in his village.

4. The thirteenth warrior

The film tells the story of an exiled Muslim ambassador who joins a Viking caravan. At first, Ahmad ibn Fadlan hates the Norwegians’ behavior, but as they travel together, he comes to admire their strength.

5. Valhalla Rising

One-Eye is a brutal warrior who never says a word. A prisoner in a village, he is forced to fight to the death with other warriors to the delight of the chieftain. Until the day he escapes and joins a group of Vikings who want a place in the “Holy Land”. However, everyone’s fate will be very different and unexpected.


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6. Thor

The film focuses on the struggle of Thor, the mighty God of Thunder, who is banished from Asgard the day he inherits the throne from his father Odin. He is expelled from the lands of his people because he dared to challenge the Ice Giants, who violated an ancient treaty by trampling Asgard on the day of his coronation.


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7. The long ships 

A 1960s film centered around a much-loved golden bell called “Mother of Voices,” a mythical treasure bigger than a truck that catches the eye of Moorish ruler El Mansuh (Sidney Poitier) and Viking leader Rolfe ( Richard Widmark).


8. Pathfinder

When a young Viking named Ghost is adopted by the Wampanoag tribe after surviving a shipwreck, he grows up to be a brave Indian rather than a Norse warrior. Finally, he faces his own Norsemen as a young man, who ravage his people and land.

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