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Vikings: Characters who can take control of Kattegat in the final chapters

While the creator of “Vikings” does not confirm the death of a character who ended the first half of season six seriously injured, fans have already found a replacement for him among the warriors alive.

According to Express UK , a new theory has pointed out that due to Bjorn’s (Alexander Ludwig) state of health or possible death, a couple could take over the government and take control of Kattegat .

Who's who in the intricate world of the Viking gods

The source specifies that the new leaders should be Torvi (Georgia Hirst) and Ubbe , once the couple has to take the lead and take on an even more important role in the Nordic saga.

However, the threat from Ivar and the Russians will remain a problem, which promises to bring serious consequences for the people of Kattegat, forced to defend themselves and defeat opponents who want to invade their lands.

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