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Vikings: Creator reveals the most difficult scene to film in the entire series

The creator of the series has decided to share his experience during the last six years of filming the historical drama.

When asked what was the most difficult scene to shoot in the entire series, Michael Hirst revealed the production difficulties of shooting part of the eighth episode of the fourth season.

“The hardest thing was putting the boats in the water. I remember thinking that if for some reason the Vikings were prevented from going up the river in their boats, they would take them apart and take them up into the mountains, ” he explained in an interview for Daily Pioneer.

The first Viking attack in England

“I told production designer, Mark Geraghty, that I would like to show it, but I didn’t know if we could do it. I thought maybe there was another way to do something similar. Well, two months later, we did the scene, I was up there in the Wicklow Mountains, watching a Viking ship being thrown off a cliff and then being transported into the middle of a forest. It was incredible,”he confessed.

Odin, the Viking god of war and wisdom

The creator of the series added that when the Vikings script is the problem, he doesn’t let himself be limited and always challenges himself to make the show “go as far as possible”.