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Vikings: Do you know the true story of Rollo?

The Vikings series , one of the most successful costume drama productions of recent times, is based on the semi-legendary tales of one of the first kings of Denmark and Sweden in the 7th century: Ragnar Lodbrok , who sacked Britain, Northumbria and France.

Rollo is one of the characters in the famous series created by Michael Hirst for the History Channel, known because before his marriage he was a terrible Viking warrior with great fighting skills and who is also the older brother of Ragnar.

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This legendary Viking differed from other Viking leaders because he sought something beyond “typical” looting. His real mission was to find a place to take root .

Between 885 and 900 he arrived in Paris and King Charles “the simple” gave him land in exchange for his protection, adapting without problems, as he adopted the administrative system, became a Christian and married Poppa de Bayeux, daughter of Count Berengar of Rennes.

Viking helmet