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Vikings: The creator explains how he decided to tell the story of Ragnar Lothbrok

In an interview with The Telegraphandargus , the British writer and producer revealed how he decided to adapt the saga of  Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons for television .

“When we were looking for our central character, it was suggested to me by Ragnar Lothbrok – the first Viking leader to come out of the mists so that he could fit in perfectly. It has its own saga, and most historians admit it was certainly real! His children certainly! They were! ”He explained.

Also, in order to sell the series to the History channel, Hirst stressed the universal importance of the Vikings in history.

“I thought I had a good chance of success because the word ‘Vikings’ has universal recognition. (?) They have traveled to most places in the world and have left their mark on many. When we first sold the show to the History Channel in New York, I said, ‘Walk two blocks into the office and you’ll find at least 200 people with Viking DNA. In Yorkshire (England), many of us still carry it. The names of our cities are full of these great explorers and shipbuilders, ”he replied.

Viking women in Nordic society

The Emmy winner also explained his true purpose in portraying the story of these people and how interesting their lifestyle was.

“The Vikings have done a lot and the stereotype of ‘rape and pillage’ has been addressed over the centuries. Even a more superficial investigation reveals that they were a fascinating culture. His attitude towards women was much more progressive than in the societies of Saxon England. Women could divorce, own their own homes, fight alongside men and rule. They were also a democratic meritocracy, judging the rulers by how well they supported and enriched their people, ”he said.

During the conversation, the creator showed awe of the Norse beliefs and paganism they worshiped.

“Above all, I loved their paganism. The sagas tell stories of divinities so different from the Christian god. Odin, Thor, Frey and Freya were human . Their stories are strange, but fantastic and believable. I couldn’t have written the show without this “spiritual” aspect of Viking life, ”he said.

Vikings in Spain