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Vikings: the most difficult ending to decide according to the creator of the series

In an interview with Variety , Michael Hirst , the creator of the series, confessed that he was never very clear on how and when Lagertha’s end would be .

After the seer predicted she would be killed by a son of Ragnar, he was left with only two options: Ivar and Hvitserk, once Bjorn and Ubbe were loyal to Lagertha.

“When I got the prophecy to say this, I didn’t know which of the sons would kill her. I would have leaned, of course, on Ivar. But the story continued to evolve and there was always so much predictability in Ivar’s story and so many moments he could have left. I was fascinated that he continued to be a kind of free spirit with times when he should have died and he didn’t, ”he revealed.

Odin, the Viking god of war and wisdom

By letting go, Hirst knew when the time was right to say goodbye to the squire and who should do it.

“When all the pieces were in place, it seemed like the right time. I was glad it wasn’t Ivar. It would be too predictable. I was glad they didn’t deliberately kill her. And I was glad that she herself felt that it was the fate she had always known, that one of them would kill her. But for a long time I didn’t know. He was waiting for me to see what would happen, ”he concluded. 

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