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Vikings: The real fact that helped Travis Fimmel record Ragnar’s death

In its fourth season, Vikings ” brought about one of the plot’s most tragic events: the cruel execution of Ragnar Lodbrok ( Travis Fimmel ), who was thrown into a cave full of poisonous snakes.

However, the director Ciaran Donnelly has revealed that despite the difficulties of the tragic farewell, the actor did not find it difficult to share this scene with the vipers.

“Creating the scenes of Ragnar being repeatedly bitten by snakes required a few tricks in a studio and there were royal cobras involved,” he confessed in an interview with Metro UK.

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Donnelly explained that that snake-filled setting wasn’t something new for the actor and that he probably drove quite a bit before becoming the protagonist of the historical drama.

“The amazing thing about Travis Fimmel is that he’s Australian and he grew up on a farm in Australia, so he’s pretty used to snakes. He didn’t care about them. Obviously all the snakes that were there weren’t poisonous or dangerous. (…) He was very happy to be there with the snakes and to have them up, around or slipping on him. I feel it is quite authentic, ” he explained.

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