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Vikings: The theory holds that Ragnar survived the snake attacks

The sixth season of ” Vikings ” will end by telling the saga of the family of Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), the protagonist who left the series after a tragic death. However, some fans are less sure the patriarch really did have a definitive demise.

On Reddit , fans of the historical drama have theorized that Ragnar is alive and returning in the final season.


Ásatrú, the religion of the Vikings practiced today

User Noob_lvl1 explained: “At the start of Season 3, Ragnar seems to be fascinated by snakes. In the season in which he attacked Paris, we see that he has a house full of them. Is it possible that Ragnar slowly became immune to the venom of other snakes and didn’t die in the hole? , he comments.

According to this theory, the Viking specifically prepares for his eventual death in the hole full of snakes by becoming immune to their poisons.

Balder, the Viking god of light

But can it really happen?

According to the Inquisitr portal, in the writings of the Viking sagas, death reaches Ragnar Lothbrok in the same way we saw in the fiction of History.

Recently, Vikings France’s licensed fanpage also talked about this theory, writing that we will no longer see Ragnar in the series once Fimmel wants to break away from the character.

Ragnar will never return to the series again. (?) Many roles are denied to the actor because Ragnar is too close to the skin and people have great difficulty seeing him in other places . He had announced it after the release of the film “Warcraft” “He even considered leaving his career to resume work on the family farm in Australia,” he said.

The first Viking attack in England