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Vikings: The unusual reason why Lagertha stayed alive until the sixth season

The final season of “Vikings” brings new characters and even some survivors who have gone through all the episodes. One of them is Lagertha , a veteran who stayed alive for a rather unusual reason.

In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes , Katheryn Winnick confessed that her character’s life has been extended thanks to the insistence and extremism of the fans.

“The fans, being so loyal, literally (sent) death threats to Michael Hirst if he killed Lagertha, so we ultimately had to find creative ways to keep her story alive,” he revealed.

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The 41-year-old actress also spoke about the new stage that her character will live on in the last episodes of the Nordic drama.

“I lost two and a half hours, three hours a day (on makeup). For real-life Vikings the average age of life was up to 39. (?) Chronologically, she is a grandmother at this stage , with Bjorn’s children and everyone else. So it was an interesting journey, ”he explained.

However, Katheryn also explained that her character has not yet given everything and will take her battles to another level.

“You can see in the trailers that she buries her sword, that she is no longer the shield maiden (?) But you will find that Lagertha is definitely a force to be reckoned with . I don’t think he will regret anything. He doesn’t give up easily, and that’s very evident this season, ”he confirmed.

Remember the new season trailer:

Viking helmet